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Pilot Educational Videos

Watch our videos below to learn more about the United Pilot Retirement Account, Financial Security and Retirement. If you would like to receive future videos and eNewsletters from The O'Hagan Group please go to Newsletter Signup. We will send you important financial and benefits updates affecting Airline Industry Employees directly to your inbox.


  • General PRAP Overview - The United Airlines Pilot Retirement Account Plan.
  • PRAP and Taxes - IRA/PRAP and taxes upon retirement.
  • PRAP and Roth - The benefits of making Roth 401k contributions to the PRAP
  • PRAP Post Tax – The benefits of making POST TAX contributions to the PRAP.
  • PRAP B/C Plan - Employer contributions to the B/C plan
  • RHA VEBA - The Retiree Health Account - Volunteer Employee Beneficiary Association (RHA-VEBA) United Airlines offers its pilots. It describes what the account is along with some of its benefits and limitations.
  • 2015 PRAP Review - United Airlines Pilot Retirement Account Plan Review for 2015
  • PRAP Post Tax II - A follow-up to our PRAP Post-Tax video explaining in more detail the benefits of making Post Tax contributions to the PRAP


  • NET-NET - Describes a money management concept we refer to as "Net-Net". Net- Net will provide a different way to look at your personal finances. Utilizing Net-Net for your day to day money management will help you avoid several of the major pitfalls that trap too many people each year.
  • Financial Security - How to prepare yourself for financial security through education and organization



General PRAP Video


PRAP and Taxes


PRAP Roth Contributions


PRAP Post Tax


PRAP Post Tax II


BC Plan


2015 PRAP Review






Financial Security


Medical Insurance


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