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Our Philosophy

Good planning starts with identifying your families' individual needs and objectives. Yet, many financial planners deliver a pre-packaged solution targeted to individuals with a pre-defined problem. Our approach involves an investment of time in you, the individual, to learn about you and to help prioritize your unique goals and objectives.

Today's decisions will ultimately define future outcomes and the best decisions for the future are made by using the facts as they exist today. We create your financial solution by taking what we know today and then removing as many of the future unknowns as possible. While many financial planners can give you a 150-page report filled with incomprehensible charts and graphs based upon data that cannot possibly be known, our reports are concise and understandable. This is a simple approach, but it has worked for our clients again and again. We handle the details involved with implementing your financial plan and, when necessary, coordinate with your existing tax advisors and attorneys to facilitate your plan. This allows you to live your life knowing that we have your back.

We understand that few people have the time or knowledge to adequately handle all of their individual financial goals and objectives; finding the right advisor to help can be just as challenging. After hearing this issue raised time and time again by our clients, The O'Hagan Group has built our business to address the many issues that face our clients. This simple and unique approach has proven successful as most of our new clients are referrals of current satisfied clients.

While we work with the individual, we have learned over time that our clients are usually thinking about the decisions that will best serve their family. We help each of our clients with retirement planning, wealth transfer issues, wills, trust and power of attorney in a manner that not only benefits them, but their family as well.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the long-term peace of mind that comes from solid planning and sound investment advice packaged in a comprehensive but simple to understand financial plan.


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